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We offer professional carpet beetle treatment service to customers throughout the UK.

Carpet Beetle Treatment

Carpet Beetle treatment

Complete Pest Control provide a professional carpet beetle control & extermination service for business customers & individuals.

Carpet Beetles

The carpet beetle comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colour. It is the larvae of this insect that is likely to be a pest in your home, adults tend to live outside. Carpet beetles are likely to enter your home at the end of summer and lay anything up to 200 eggs over a two week period in carpets, curtains and any other natural fibre found in the home, once hatched, "Woolly Bears" damage clothing & textiles because their diet consists of any natural fibre.

Disease & Dangers

Carpet beetles are not known to be disease carriers, however, they can cause a significant amount of damage around the home and have in fact overtaken the moth as the number 1 textile pest in the UK

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